Cities preserve and increase their architectural patrimony within certain parameters of aesthetics, mirroring primordial aspects of their developing culture. This is how a dialog between public space and its inhabitants is kept and nourished, domain where feelings of belonging, identity, and pride are reassured as an essential factor of social cohesion.

On looking to his photographs we understand what exactly seduces Camilo’s camera. Over all, it is that his work consists of exploring, finding, highlighting, diffusing, and fixing in the collective unconscious the most beautiful and brilliant excerpts of such dialog.

In this motion of images, in this flux of urban experience which some of the most expressive cities of the world offer, his camera isolates and freezes architectural details making an inventory of them, be it from ground-level, aerial, close or wide-angle view

This inedited regard allows the acknowledgement and celebration of the movements, periods, styles, and consorted efforts, which have built the most outstanding zones of such cities.



Calgary Folk Festival
Paintings & Sculptures

To have been born in a lushly and agitated country imbibes an alternative vision, dramatic at times: deeply concerned on behalf of the social and political conflicts, but always joyful, thanks to the overwhelming environment that cradles this amazing land.

From the air, over land, and under water, I devoted myself to capture the soul of its habitat. I strived for the completion of a quixotic inventory of its most beautiful and remote regions. This led me to produce images, which illustrate relevant ecological and social coffee-table books on Colombia.

It was my parents who taught me to love the tree and its nest; the sound of water and its glazing bubbles; the rapidly ever-changing sky; the quietude of the high mountains; and you, who also nurture yourself from planet’s love.




To discover an appropriate angle and gesture, to apply a suggestive illumination, and to generate creative surroundings wherein to highlight the goodness of the photographed subject/object, are crucial challenges for the advertising photographer.

By working on the field of commercial photography for a couple of decades, my eye has matured a vision enabling the camera to capture an enthralling and a kind representation of the three-dimensional model, which is offered as an ideal, as a product, or as a service.

In my personal concept, the advertising image must be attractive and veritable, at the same time.




With the hope of restituting life to the departed, of appropriating or prolonging the virtues of those who incarnate the ideals of a group; or simply, in sign of respect and admiration, human beings along history, out of pain or out of desire, have embalmed, buried, or portrayed.

Portrait photography, immobilizing in time and space the “true” image of a person, has generated uncountable icons, which, once registered by the collective, modify and expand the way societies perceive themselves.

Allowing the making of our portrait is to let our representation to abide in the magical past. In the lapse of a second the good portrait penetrates the processes we undergo, models a “resemblance”, and condenses our history. He or she who observes this imprint will discover much more of what we intended to unveil. A lively portrait invites imagination to a thin reign dominated by seduction and complexity. Such essence, exposed, erects symbolic mirrors and deep emotions: tools of self-knowledge.




The atmosphere, in which theater, dance, and the musical show are suspended, is always mysterious, unpredictable, and stunning. The bodily representations therein expressed convey a flow of gestures and forms under an ever changing light, which models our beliefs.

To capture such moments on a bi-dimensional and mute plane offering a clear and captivating vision of the scenic piece constitutes a passion and a challenge for the professional photographer.



The long cherished dream of humanity, that of soaring into the sky to grasp a bird’s vision of the planet, has been the subject of many coffee-table books competing to show the most astonishing and unedited aerial views. The photographer takes risks in flying in small airplanes and helicopters with the joy of sharing the images, which in some way, he denies to himself by being fully immersed in a telescopic vision within his camera.

Aerial and spatial photography brings us invaluable information on how cities develop, and on how humans and nature interact; it is through this marvelous bird’s panoramic vision that we expand knowledge and awareness for the environment.



Divine Nature
Breakfast with the World
An Inclusive Gaze
The Nipples in Mainstream Advertising
Sexual Organ Hatred and Adoration

Photography, as a means of interpreting and giving new meanings to human experience, has become a powerful instrument capable of changing global vision on matters that affect us all. Finding and developing a language that consorts the evident, the subtle, and the unknown over robust images, is by no means an easy goal to achieve. In trying to erect nourishing and thin realms, icons that penetrate the collective unconscious, I have undertaken many experiments, some of which have been exposed at gallery and editorial space.

Most of all, I wish that the viewers of my artistic work enjoy while being deeply moved and transformed.


Gris-gris is a voice developed within the African-American hoodoo folk magic tradition, naming an amulet that protects the wearer from evil and which brings luck.

The talisman—worn around the neck—is made of a small cloth bag containing a mixture of herbs, oils, stones, hair, nails, grave dirt, and other personal objects. According to its components, it may also be used to propitiate lovemaking.

Inspired in this cross-cultural costume, and compelled to express concern in regards to tantalizing social and political worldwide dilemmas, a brief body of work has been fashioned from three-dimensional assemblages. They gather assorted symbolic objects, which intend to erect a close-up voice of protest.

These assemblages, later photographed, address “burning” or “freezing” problematic, such as the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), kidnapping, brutal wealth concentration, racism, drug legalization; both, arms commerce and trafficking, corruption, and fundamentalism.

Studies in communications and in anthropology, and a long career as a professional photographer, lead me to apply this potential in the creation of images that propitiate deeper thought and awareness in reference to devastating social patterns and ethics.

Divine Nature

Flowers contain the sexual organs of plants and trees. The whole world recognizes flowers as symbols of goodness, tenderness and love. The sexual organs of the human species are the flower of our bodies.

In my deliberately altered photographs of erotic details of the human body, consorted with those of flowers and leaves, I propose to lift the veils covering erotic imagery in order to reveal the sublime character of sexuality, be it hetero or homosexual.

Allowing us to admire images like these will hopefully encourage society in general, to adopt a more natural, gentle, and spiritual approach to sexuality.

Supreme consciousness, god, Divinity, is present in each culture, atom and intention. Every act born from simplicity and integrity is sacred. Let us contemplate these images with an innocent eye, in joy and in harmony.

Breakfast with the world

“Breakfast with the world” is a too tiny photographic planet at the table with origins and family structures diversity in the company of the absent.

This work has been possible thanks to the support of LatinArte and of the program Hors les murs de la maison de la culture of Villeray - Saint-Michel - Parc-Extension.

Inclusive Gaze in Intimate Female Photography

The male—blazing—gaze makes a profound impact in individual, cultural, and natural surroundings, delving deep and resurfacing into and from the thin, tumultuous and authoritarian command of photography. Within this domain, men gravitate about their partners, impose their worldview on them; women interpret such regard, adopt it unconsciously, and adjust to complying or contesting schemas of self-representation and value.